Battery Replacement



My iPhone or iPad will not power on. Now what? Do I need a new Battery?

Possibly. However Apple uses very high quality batteries that rarely fail on there own without either a lot of Age or use or some other problem.

Exception; The iPhone 5 and 5C had a lot of charging problems including but not limited to the Battery. The charge circuitry was very fragile on these units and something called the U2 charge would be damaged by like something like Cheap or non-branded chargers "something like you would buy from a gas station"

This also affects the iPad mini damaging the charge IC or the Charge USB.

we also have seen this on the iPhone 5S but it is much less common and something that is almost never seen on the iPhone 6.

Step 1....What should I do first?

Make sure you have a good quality and tested working charger.

Next plug the charger in.... Does it fit securely? or does it "Rock around a bit?

If it "Rocks" proceed to step 2.

Step 2 .... Your Charge port may be "jammed up" with Lint or Dust.

The next best thing to do is attempt to clean it out with a wooden toothpick.

Just insert it and gently dig from "right to left" but not up and down.

You most likely will see material coming to the surface. This is a good thing!

Step 3.... Plug the iPhone back in and wait to see if you have a 'Charge image" if so let it charge, Great!

Step 4 ..... If you still have "no charge sign" the last effort is to preform a "Soft Reboot"

For this, simply press and hold the "power button" and "home button"  simultaneously and hold them both down for 15 seconds.

If your phone boots Great!

If your unsuccessful

Step 5.....Call Sonora iPhone Repair 1-209-694-6996

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Thank You. Justin Smith owner @ Sonora iPhone Repair.